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A Portrait can be Treasured for Generations to Come

What do Formula 1 star Niki Lauda, Lord Malloch-Brown, BBC broadcaster John Humphrys and the former High Commissioner for Antigua & Barbuda have in common? Answer: they have all been turned into works of art by celebrated portrait artist, Caroline Jaine. Caroline has painted over 100 portraits and for the first time is accepting a limited number of commissions.

A former serving diplomat of 15 years, Caroline left the Foreign Office in 2010 to undertake a full-time two-year Masters in Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art.  Since then, she has spent a year as artist-in-residence at the Humanitarian Centre and two years working as a studio painter for Damien Hirst. Caroline has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Her first solo exhibition was sponsored by the British Council in Slovakia 20 years ago, and she has shown her work at the Houses of Parliament, at various embassies and most recently at the Iraqi Cultural Centre in London. Caroline has two portraits held in the UK Government art collection and many others held in private collections around the world.

Now re-settled in the Cotswolds, with her own small painting studio, Caroline says she is interested in commissions from heads of diplomatic missions or business leaders but is equally open to other creative ideas and subjects.  She is keen to use her creativity as a means to capture an important milestone or moment. “Photography is so easy and instant these days, but it’s important that investment is still made into traditional oil painting – images that are not disposable, but take time to create and can be treasured for generations to come.  I love how portraits of diplomats by the Flemish artist, Rubens, still exist close to 500 years after they were painted.”

Please contact Caroline directly on caroline.jaine@gmail.com or by calling 07549939931 if you would like to discuss a portrait. You can also find her work on Instagram and Facebook under the name ‘Heads Portraits.’ Paintings can be made from photographs, although private consultations/sittings are preferred. Portraits can take up to two months to be made and a full bespoke framing service can be included in the cost.


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