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James Landale, Diplomatic Correspondent, BBC News discusses the return of


Claire Perry O’Neill believes that public-private partnership must be at


Uzbekistan Ambassador Said Rustamov says modernising Uzbekistan is the key to deepening relations with the UK

On her country’s 30th anniversary of independence, Ambassador of Georgia Sophie Katsarava MBE reflects on a momentous year

Former UK Ambassador Charles Crawford CMG considers how diplomacy and technology complement each other

Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell says it is important to reflect on policy successes and failures as governments develop plans for COVID recovery

Sir Bernard Jenkin MP considers what other countries are thinking about UK politics at this juncture

Founder of www.theexpater.com Nina Hobson considers how organisations, expatriates, and spouses themselves can support an accompanying spouse’s life abroad

Martin Howard of UDSS considers what a supercharged national resilience strategy might look like and how embedded the internet is in all our lives

From his Stradivari violin to vodka toasts and Russian nuclear waste, Desmond Cecil CMG offers some insights in what to expect from his diplomatic


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