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Former Foreign Office press secretary Simon McGee, now executive director at APCO Worldwide, considers Britain’s growing image problem and what to do about it

Venetia van Kuffeler meets Principal and Vice Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University Pamela Gillies CBE FRSE to discuss their new master’s programmes in diplomacy

Former Diplomatic Editor of The Times Michael Binyon visits Rwanda 25 years on, offering a moving account of the country’s recovery

Ambassador of the Philippines Antonio M. Lagdameo discusses his country’s work in creating ties that bind

A young democracy with over 192 million registered voters, Indonesia’s Ambassador Dr Rizal Sukma writes ahead of his country going to the polls

When it comes to building ‘Global Britain,’ James Landale, diplomatic correspondent, BBC News reports that the UK has a long way to go…

Former UK Ambassador Charles Crawford questions borders, citizenship and the right to migrate

Venetia van Kuffeler meets Medical Director of the new Mayo Clinic Healthcare in partnership with Oxford University Clinic on Portland Place, Dr Stephen


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