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Driving for Infiniti

Infiniti_M37S_PremiumWhile travelling along Piccadilly, some of our eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a flashy new showroom opposite The Ritz. Relatively few among them, however, will have recognised the name above the door: Infiniti. Although new to the UK, Infiniti is a well-established brand selling more than one million units in the US alone over the last decade.

The Infiniti M37S Premium’s beautiful, curved lines and sleek exterior ensure that it’s not at all out of place opposite one of London’s finest establishments. Likewise, the interior majestically matches premium hand-stitched leather and grandiose finishings with more buttons than a haberdashery.

These ‘buttons’ are what sets the car apart from its competitors. The M37S Premium, priced at just £45,000, comes with all the comforts and driving aids one would expect from a high-end luxury saloon: touch-screen navigation; a media player with XM and USB audio linked to a 16-speaker Bose stereo system; Bluetooth connectivity; push-button ignition using an intelligent key; HID lights; power folding mirrors; a telescoping, heated steering wheel; a rear camera; front seats that heat and cool; and paddle shifters, to name but several. I was also delighted by Infiniti’s Forest Air ventilation system, which replicates the natural flow of air and eradicates the harsh ‘blast’ common to standard air conditioning units. It really works – long journeys leave you surprisingly refreshed.

More impressive still is Infiniti’s Intelligent Cruise Control, available on Premium models, which helps maintain a safe distance from the car in front – a useful feature for both motorway driving and stop-and-go city traffic. Similarly, the Blind Spot Intervention system alerts drivers trying to change lanes if there is another vehicle in their blind-spot area, automatically deploying selective braking to direct their vehicle back toward the centre of the lane; while the Lane Departure Prevention system detects and militates against unintended lane drift – an amazing safety feature, especially for those who drive late at night or for long periods.

Due to the huge array of features, you may forget that under the bonnet is a 3.7-litre V6 engine producing 320 brake horsepower (with a glorious growl) and propelling the M37S, via a seven-speed automatic gearbox, from 0-60 in just over six seconds.

With more genuinely useful gadgets than rival models, the Infiniti M37S Premium is a ‘must review’ for prospective buyers looking for a thoroughly exciting, yet relaxing and safe, driving experience. A long-wheelbase version would really propel the M model into the chauffer-driven market; but for now, what is on offer for both driver and passenger is exceptional down to every last detail.



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