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Flagship Car

7seriesAmbassador of Kosovo Lirim Greicevci test-drives the new BMW 7 Series, offering us his thoughts from both the driver and passenger seats

The Embassy of Kosovo owns a BMW 7 Series that we bought last year (2014). We have been extremely pleased with the car, and believe it has been the best vehicle on the market for official embassy and diplomatic business. Kosovo’s President, Prime Minister and government ministers have all been driven in it during their visits to London, and have praised the Embassy for making the right choice in buying this flagship car. So I was interested in driving BMW’s highly anticipated all-new 7 Series released at the end of October.

As BMW’s luxury flagship saloon, it is now in its sixth generation. When compared to the previous model, the new version looks thoroughly redesigned and remade both inside and out. On the outside, the vehicle is a beauty. Despite its slightly larger size, the new 7 Series is around 130kg lighter than the model it replaces, primarily due to its carbon core construction, naturally making it more efficient.

In terms of driving, the steering system is the smoothest I have ever used, and the engine is much quieter than the older version. The exterior lights have been redesigned, meaning it is much easier to drive at night. I later learnt that the BMW laserlight generates a particularly bright, pure white light, as well as providing a high-beam range double that of LED headlights.

Groundbreaking technology really puts the car in a class of its own. Even the car key looks more like a smartphone or a gadget from Star Wars. The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system has outstanding sound quality. Furthermore, the new 7 Series even has remote control parking! 
Drivers can manoeuvre the vehicle in or out of forward-parking spaces or garages without anyone at the wheel.

Other futuristic touches include BMW’s gesture control that has been introduced for the first time. Simple commands are delivered with a wave of the hand. These hand movements are detected by a 3D sensor control, and can be used for a number of functions, including accepting or rejecting incoming telephone calls.

In-car entertainment in the new model is much better with the addition of Android supported devices. The dashboard with touch screen and gesture commands is more user-friendly than in previous models, although it looks pretty much the same. The fragrance system in the car is also a useful feature, especially for official cars that may have different passengers through the day. (The ambient air package ionises the air and generates a choice of eight aromas.)

 The interior is extremely cosy, comfortable and spacious. Seats are luxurious, with a massage function that is a welcome treat after a tiring day. One of the rear seats has an electrically extendable footrest and can recline impressively close to the horizontal position.

This generation of the BMW 7 Series seems to be the most luxurious, most comfortable and the best car the brand has built in this class. Groundbreaking technology and interior comfort underline its mission to bring together unbeatable driving pleasure and long-distance comfort. All in all, this is an amazing car and, in my view, the comfort and luxury it offers is beyond comparison, especially for official use.

The new BMW 7 Series saloon – Driving Luxury


Discover progress that questions everything and provides the most innovative answers. Experience luxury that balances captivating presence with the utmost discretion and enjoy the satisfaction of expectations not just being met, but comfortably exceeded.

1. Carbon Core: Innovative in every fibre. The carbon-reinforced body makes the new BMW 7 Series extremely lightweight, 130kg lighter than its predecessor offering even greater fuel economy, class-leading CO2 emissions and vehicle agility. (Standard equipment).

2. Comfort Seats (front and rear) with exclusive nappa leather: Unrivalled in this segment, comfort levels are now higher than ever before with seats that are electrically adjustable in several ways to offer optimum support. (Standard equipment).

3. Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging:  Cable-free charging on the move provides an improved hands-free capability, USB and NFC interfaces and WiFi audio streaming. (Standard equipment). This also includes a WiFi hotspot, enabling connection of mobile devices to the internet via the SIM card installed in the vehicle. (Standard equipment).

4. BMW Laserlight: With nearly twice the visibility range of conventional headlights, BMW laserlight includes LED technology for enhanced light intensity and wide illumination, featuring adaptive headlights. (Optional).

5. Remote Control Parking: If you wish, you can simply point and park the new BMW 7 Series, letting the car do the parking for you. Centre the vehicle ahead of the space, step out and use the BMW display key. (Optional).

6. BMW Gesture Control: Let your hands do the talking. Using 3D sensors above the front centre console, specifically designed functions of the control display can be controlled using hand gestures. (Optional).

7. BMW Touch Command: Passengers can be in command of essential controls from the rear seat. Comfort, infotainment and communication functions can be controlled via a 7” tablet with display and touch functions. (Optional).

8. Head-up Display: Vital information is on display without having to take your eyes off the road. 75 per cent larger than its predecessor, with improved display layout and outstanding resolution graphics. (Optional).

If you would like to find out more about BMW’s Diplomatic programme, whether you are looking for an official flagship car, or a private diplomatic car please visit BMW’s Diplomatic Sales office at 56 Park Lane or contact the diplomatic team on T: +44 (0)20 3073 5000  www.bmwtaxfree.co.uk/diplomatic-sales


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