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Diplomat magazine partner: IBDE

Ambassador of Latvia Baiba Braže writes on the 30th anniversary of one of the most unique expressions of non-violent protest the world had ever

APCO Worldwide Executive Director Simon McGee, who served at the UK Department for International Development and Foreign Office during the 2014-16 epidemic of Ebola,

Former UK Ambassador Charles Crawford asks should ambassadors report back their full and honest views? What should ambassadors say?

The Times’s Michael Binyon says that former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s new book might be the key to working out the enigma that is

Diplomatic Correspondent for BBC News, James Landale, discusses the mood at the latest summit in Biarritz

On the occasion of her country’s National Day, Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo HE Ms Marie Ndjeka Opombo discusses the past

Founder & Executive Chairman of IBDE, Rudi Guraziu, tells us why an increasing number of diplomatic missions are using the organisation as a gateway

140 years after this historical figure’s birth, Ambassador of Slovakia Ľubomír Rehák attends a ceremony at the grave of Professor Robert William Seton-Watson

WESTMINSTER REFLECTIONS: Bernard Jenkin MP on building a greener future



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