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Dean of the Diplomatic Corps’ letter to readers

The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, His Excellency Khaled Al-Duwaisan writes for the 2017 DIPLOMAT Yearbook.

‘Reflecting back on arguably one of the most historic years in decades, the 2017 DIPLOMAT Yearbook is undoubtedly a crucial guide for every diplomat in the UK. Not only does it examine foreign affairs publications but acts as a key tool for every one of the 186 Diplomatic Missions in the United Kingdom.  With such intriguing information and high level analysis, I strongly advise all Diplomats to not surpass the opportunity of owning the yearbook and every issue of DIPLOMAT magazine. 

Throughout the year, we have witnessed controversial decisions that have worldwide effects such as Britain leaving the European Union, as well as the unforeseen Presidential results in America. Moreover, the ongoing conflicts and political unrest and violence in the Middle East and fighting terrorism where we had to witness the unprecedented attacks such as in Nice and Belgium, and a range of increasing number of global and regional issues, demand innovative diplomatic response.

Therefore, I reach out to my fellow diplomats in standing united and denouncing any terrorist attacks committed by those who twist the Islamic word and promote violence despite the religion of Islam priding itself on two main values: peace and tolerance.

On behalf of the diplomatic corps, I would like to highlight how grateful and appreciative we are with the willingness and dedication the publishing team which has lead to this year’s Yearbook being a rich and very knowledgable edition. 

Finally, I would like to wish all my colleagues every success in the future whilst we look forward to continuing this journey with all it challenging aspects.’

Khaled Al Duwaisan, GCVO

Ambassador of the State of Kuwait and dean of the Diplomatic Corps



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