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JW Steakhouse

JW_Steakhouse_TomahawkIn the Grosvenor House Hotel, overlooking Park Lane, is JW Steakhouse – a huge space renowned for its huge steaks. JW Steakhouse uses the finest cuts of USDA prime Corn Fed Kansas Beef as well as select cuts of Aberdeen Angus. Their signature steak is a monstrous, 32-ounce, on-the-bone Aberdeen Angus rib eye, aptly named ‘The Tomahawk.’ This unique cut can only be found at JW Steakhouse and is a must-try for any dedicated steak lover. While beef definitely takes centre stage here, the menu also lists American classics such as steak tartare, chopped salad, bacon-wrapped meatloaf, 12-hour braised short ribs and, of course, the JW steak burger.

To start, we opted for oysters Rockefeller and a Maryland-style lump crab cake recommended by other diners and our helpful waiter alike – both dishes were stunningly rich and delicious offerings. Purists believe that oysters should only be consumed raw, but these Rockefellers are worth bending the rules for – the creamy parmesan sauce cooks the oysters just enough to warm them through. Meanwhile, the lump crab is far meatier than the usual native crab, making for a splendid crab cake.

One of the reasons that beef is so well prepared here is the kitchen’s
650 oc Montague Legend grill, which sears the steaks at a high enough temperature to leave them caramelised and smoky on the outside but juicy, pink and butter-soft within. Our eight-ounce filet and 14-ounce New York strip steaks were meltingly tasty slabs of America’s finest cow. The side orders of creamed spinach, fries (hand cut chips are also available) and macaroni and cheese  were unnecessary but extremely more-ish mini-meals in themselves and ideal complements to our meat feast. We could have really tested our belt buckles with the baked potato with soured cream, spring onions, cheddar and bacon or the Bourbon sweet potato mash with a marshmallow crust, but these side orders seemed like a step too far.

Having gorged ourselves on American-sized portions of American classics, it was fitting that we should finish up with warm apple pie with cinnamon ice cream, that Star-Spangled Banner of deserts. Apple, cinnamon and sweet raisins baked in a buttery pastry – the perfect post-steak sweet treat.

There are very few proper ‘steak joints’ in London, and JW Steakhouse will surely be popular with more than just the Americans in the capital. In an age of austerity, it was a thrill to go totally overboard – what I should have saved for tomorrow was so good I had to consume it all at once.



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