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Lecture with David Miliband MP

David_Miliband_speaks_to_diplomatic_community_1Diplomat magazine hosted its annual event in collaboration with APCO Worldwide on 24 May at The Travellers Club on Pall Mall. Heads of Mission from over 80 countries came to listen to Former Foreign Secretary The Rt Hon David Miliband MP’s view on the world today.

Fresh off the plane from a trip to Pakistan, Mr Miliband outlined five important changes that have taken place in the world. A shift in economic power to the East, a major connection between people all over the world through the internet and social media and a population explosion that has resulted in a massive consumption of resources (at a rate as if there were three planets rather than one) were all discussed. Also addressed was the importance of the Muslim world being able to communicate with the West and the fact that peace can only be achieved with countries working together. Mr Miliband suggested a new and fresh set of ‘global rules’ are needed for a new interdependent world, rather than a planet of independence and sovereignty that we have become used to.

Mr Miliband acknowledged his audience was trickier than others, being so diverse and knowledgeable!

This event was part of Diplomat magazine’s annual Ambassador Survey. The survey is sent out to all Heads of Mission in London every December by APCO Worldwide to gauge the foreign affairs priorities of the 164 nations represented in London. APCO Worldwide is a company that provides services to governments helping them develop and implement advocacy, communications and public affairs campaigns. Their team of political consultants, ranging from former elected officials to cabinet ministers, delivers communication strategies through a number of innovative techniques.



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