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Mmmm Eating Local

Maria de la Peña says that MmmGood is set to reengage a disconnected global population by revolutionising food and cultural experiences, one country at a time

THE PAST 12 MONTHS have certainly shaken up the travel and hospitality industry, leaving businesses with the gargantuan task of reshaping their strategy. This includes anticipating the possibility of ever-changing lockdown laws and restrictions. These are challenging times, but we believe that the beginning of the end of the lockdown is nigh, and we all have an important part to play in moving forward to re-open the world to a new, better version of itself.
We know that people are hungry to lift their finger off the pause button, enjoy travelling and human connections in the real world again. For many of us during lockdown, food was all we had to look forward to and enjoy! Google Trends data reveals that there was an average rise of 45 per cent in searches for local food, drink and travel industry globally in the lockdown period between December 2019 and March 2021.

Now the world is slowly unlocking with precaution, there is a guiding light that shines on the industry. We believe that our ambition and purpose will help feed the revival of our sector using digital capabilities to harness a real-world offering, with a recipe of social gastronomy, culinary and cultural tourism and technology.

In essence, MmmGood SA is a digital booking platform for hosts and guests. Our ambition is to be the leading online platform for authentic in-home social dining and cultural experiences. With meals prepared by hosts around the world for guests and travellers, we bring people together to explore and discover different foods and local heritage. We seek to cherish and share different cultures and traditions, while creating unique learning experiences for both the hosts and guests.

We have solid plans to share our culinary experiences across 140 countries within the next five years, starting with seven countries in the Asia Pacific region this year.

We are committed to help grow the rural economy of Thailand, our debut country. We are excited about the prospect of gaining deeper knowledge and understanding on an up-close-and-personal level with each respective country.

CEO of MmmGood SA Christian Kurmann explains: “As the world unlocks, there is a great appetite for purposeful concepts that really offer added value in a disconnected world. Our goal is to truly enable the world to reconnect following many months of restrictions and negative news. We know this concept will work, but we want it to work for the right reasons and building human connections is something that we all need. Not just now but always. Empowering local people to share their
story over a traditional meal, can provide that special something. We look forward to helping forge a better ‘new normal’ that makes the world a better place for all.”

A key part of our rollout plan will be to work in collaboration with local areas and embassies, with the goal to help grow this economy. Whether it’s coastal communities in the south, a farm in the northeast or the mountain villages in the north, our plans to place a spotlight on ‘hidden and unexpected delights’ close to key destination areas will leverage the region’s inner beauty and enrich the offering that Thailand – and the other countries that follow – have on offer.

MmmGood SA will uncover and create a direct, digital link to grassroot local people, plus their culture and traditions. In turn, this will give travellers and guests an enriching insight into local life that gives them an authentic and memorable experience. The platform will empower locals to harness their skills into micro business, and help grow social economy and mobility. Our hope is that this will positively contribute to the evolution of the food and travel industry.

In line with this, we value and respect the eco-system that we reside in, and know that the need for reassuring our partners, guests, hosts and communities is of paramount importance. Trust is everything. Culture is precious. Travelling is a gift.

A core focus of MmmGood SA is to empower locals in rural places and present an opportunity to celebrate and showcase culinary skills to the global community. Offering a gateway to true heritage, it is this social currency that will make the encounter ‘more than a meal,’ providing a truly enriching, culturally fuelled dining experience for all.

Following the implications of lockdown and the current world status, we know that people are anxious. The economy has shaken up and society and jobs have been affected. But there is an ever-growing need for human connection. But to add to that, it is important to turbo boost the travel and tourism ecosystem, kick starting it on a steady path. Our goal is to help shape the future by being part of the evolution of travel and championing cross-cultural exchange.





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