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Peter de Savary’s Island in the Sun

Peter_de_SavaryI first visited Grenada as a nine-year-old boy in 1953 on a family holiday for six weeks.  During the intervening 47 years the lovely aroma of nutmeg from the plantation I visited, swimming on the beautiful  Grand Anse Beach and the vibrancy of the capital St George’s have always had a pleasing and vivid impression on my memory.

Returning to Grenada in 2006 I was delighted to find the country unchanged in its natural beauty and the charm and friendliness of its people.  The enthusiasm of Grenadians to sensitively move their country forward offers a rewarding opportunity to its citizens and foreign investors alike.  The welcoming and proactive approach of Government and local business is encouraging and supportive for appropriate development and expansion of the economy.  Respectful foreign investment in suitable projects will not erode the island’s historical culture but will rather provide opportunity to young and old alike, improving the standard of living and creating new opportunities for Grenadians; the next generation are therefore more likely to remain in Grenada as opposed to seeking a future abroad.

It is remarkable that over half the countryside is designated a national park with tropical rainforests, rivers and waterfalls with wonderful vistas of wild flora.  Hiking and biking are exhilarating alternatives to lounging on the pristine white sand beaches, a rum punch in hand with warm turquoise water lapping at your feet.  The bustle of St George’s daily market and the opportunity to buy a wide variety of fresh fish from local fisherman complements the abundance of fresh fruit and local produce.

Grenada is not short of fine hotels which range from five star luxury resorts to chic boutiques and enchanting, cosy B&Bs.  A wide variety of restaurants will satisfy everyone’s palate from eating local lobster on the beach to enjoying a meal in a characterful restaurant where friendly staff make dining out a memorable experience.

In this ever busy and overcrowded world, Grenada, with its air of peace and tranquillity, has a very positive future ahead; the stability of Government and the comprehensive abilities of Grenadians augur well for sensitive and intelligent investors who should have the willingness and ability to complement the country’s natural resources.  Transport links to Grenada make travel very easy and this hidden West Indian gem exudes a friendly welcome whether you be a businessman or a tourist; it’s hard to find a happier or better place and I hope to have the good fortune to enjoy Grenada for a very long time and make a contribution that will stand the test of time, to this beautiful island.



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