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PROPERTY WATCH: Diplomat explores the world of high-tech technology providing healthcare on tap in super-prime homes

WHILE THE CONCEPT of wellness at home has skyrocketed over the past year, so too has the increasing trend for on-site or private healthcare facilities in its wake.

According to a recent Savills report, proximity to medical facilities and amenities were the highest-ranking factors highest among homebuyers in when? Leading smart home technology company OKTO Technologies has also observed a marked increase in demand for at-home health facilities.

OKTO offers bespoke AI-led solutions, state-of-the-art health and wellness-focused technology for residents requiring premium medical care on tap. The firm, who is behind some of the smartest technology in London’s new residential developments, private members clubs and five-star hotels, create highly discrete solutions, hidden within bespoke carpentry or panelling, designed to complement a client’s interior scheme and linked directly to private healthcare professionals and/or family members.

Philip Dowds, MD of OKTO Technologies comments: “Health really is wealth when it comes to our clients – in recent years, we have seen a marked increase in the demand for at-home health facilities, in particular ‘later life’ and dementia care. Clients are increasingly looking to invest in private, cutting edge technology and appreciate the peace of mind that comes alongside this. Through the integration of floor and movement sensors, Baxter, our AI-led butler, can alert carers and next of kin to any possible falls. Each system is completely bespoke and is tailored to that individual’s requirements and medical needs, including alerting residents when specific medication needs to be taken.”

As Baxter learns the habits and usage patterns of homeowners, the system can monitor movement to detect anomalies in activity and location of residents, signalling a possible incident in the home, whether this be an intrusion, fall, or unconsciousness.

This trend extends further afield, and Abama Resort in Tenerife is about to launch a new Cardiovascular Centre on site this May. Located within the resort’s Ritz Carlton hotel, the centre will be run by leading professionals in the coronary care sector and supported by a team of cardiologists, nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists and geneticists. The centre will be open to guests and residents of the resort and will also provide cutting edge diagnostic technology, nutritional expertise in a therapeutic environment.

Recently, the property has seen an influx of buyers looking to actively put their physical and mental health first and take advantage of the resort’s cutting-edge facilities and services. The Cardiovascular Centre will offer a range of programmes including bespoke prevention and holistic healthcare consultations for those looking to implement a healthy lifestyle change, as well as a rehabilitation program for those who have survived a serious cardiac event.

Sales Manager at Abama, José Miguel Mesa, says “The launch of the new Cardiovascular Centre will allow residents to have incredibly convenient access to leading healthcare professionals, not just in relation to heart health, but also nutrition, physiology and psychology. This, combined with the resort’s golf course, beach club, swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants and bars has meant Abama has a complete 360-degree offering when it comes to health, and this is something that buyers of all generations are taking advantage of.”






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