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Following the health pandemic, Sentinel Operations can get your mission back up and running

Working with embassies, diplomatic missions, royal families, heads of state and politicians across the world demands a level of attention to detail that is second to none. Offering their specialist services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Sentinel Operations are world-leading experts in secure transportation of people and assets. Renowned and respected throughout London’s diplomatic community and beyond, Sentinel Operations has a reputation as the organisation of choice when it comes to security and delivering a confidential and discreet service that both recognises and understands the various threats around the globe.

Sentinel Operations prides itself on ensuring a level of personal security that is unmatched, based on its decades of experience operating across the world. Its security services are based on three core principles: stringent planning, security expertise and the utmost discretion. With both armoured and standard vehicles, Sentinel Operations utilise highly trained drivers within their operational fleet to suit the customer’s requirements. The business prides itself on only offering OEM manufactured vehicles, primarily Jaguar Land Rover. This ensures that the level of quality and attention to detail is consistent and at the highest level, reflecting the expectations and standards set throughout the overall business.

Following the disruption of the health pandemic over the past year, Sentinel Operations has adapted and extended its services, so it can now provide a COVID secure raft of services and solutions to enable an Embassy, High Commission or organisation to return to normal operating procedures in 2021. Sentinel Operations are here to get you back up and running in a safe, working environment. As well as its standard security and transportation services, Sentinel Operations can now offer the following:

COVID secure visitor entry system via all embassy or high commission entrances;
a COVID secure test facility for all staff at the mission;
COVID secure tested and approved security staffing; and
a COVID secure tested and approved transportation service, ideal for heads of mission, diplomats and heads of state, either for their daily activities, high-level visits or full-time.

These COVID-19 solutions will be provided by Sentinel Operations, a UK government approved COVID-19 testing facility (who provides COVID-19 clinical guidance to NHS Hospitals, as well as COVID-19 guidance and testing for the television and film industry), enabling clients to have the confidence to continue to operate at full capacity once again.
Sentinel Operations are well placed to provide a range of proactive solutions that aim to protect people, assets, and interests. Their friendly and experienced team have in-depth knowledge of the services required for these extremely specific industries. Ultimately, Sentinel Operations can provide a discreet and confidential service across a raft of areas, that ensures peace of mind and most importantly confidence in the ability for your Embassy or High Commission to return to a fully functioning operation.

With these two global summits coming to the UK in 2021, Sentinel Operations is happy to help your mission with logistics of these high-level visits. Do give them a call.

T: +44 (0)20 8036 5005


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