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JetClub launches their fractional Ownership Business Aviation

IN EUROPE JETCLUB, A NEW BUSINESS aviation brand, founded by Vishal Hiremath and Glenn Gonzales, former Honda and Gulfstream executives, has recently launched in mainland Europe. The company’s sister brand, Jet It, has been successfully operating in the US for the past two and half years and the group now operates a fleet of 11 HondaJet aircraft, globally, making it the largest HondaJet operator in the world. The US business experienced growth of 400 per cent year over year, as demand for safe, responsible, practical travel has soared through the pandemic.

The company is based upon a fractional ownership model in which club members purchase a share of the jet in return for a certain number of days (and not hours), which is a unique innovation in this space. JetClub aims to make  business aviation more accessible at a lower cost, with superior customer service and no administrative effort on the part of the owner.

“We have designed JetClub to be easy-to-access, intelligent, safe, and financially savvy. Owners pay only €2,500 per hour including handling and landing fees with no positioning fees,” says Vishal Hiremath, Co-Founder and CEO, JetClub Group and co-founder of Jet It. Launching in a pandemic is also an opportunity to get businesses back to work, “providing a mechanism that empowers industry to rebuild some of the economic losses caused by the pandemic.” He continues, “Providing access from separate terminals, away from crowded airports along with our advanced COVID precautions and adherence to local guidelines, we are confident that our solution is a good fit for Europe at this time and well into the future.”

The HondaJet is one of the lightest, quietest, and most fuel-efficient in its category, burning four-times less fuel than a larger jet. With 70 per cent of all private flights being less than three hours in duration with less than 4 passengers, it is a more sustainable, economical, hygienic, safe, and comfortable way to fly.

JetClub co-owners in Europe will have use of the jet under a day-based model, allowing them to visit multiple destinations, and return home on the same day. For an example, someone who lives in Paris can go to work in London, then Frankfurt, and be back home for dinner. They will use one day of their allotment, with no limit on the hours they can use during that day. When compared with other options, JetClub clients pay an exceptionally low hourly and monthly cost with no empty leg charges.

“As restrictions begin to lift and while budgets may remain tight, business owners will be looking for a more intelligent, transparent way to access business aviation. When you factor in all the costs, our model is more cost-effective than charter travel, with all the benefits of aircraft ownership, a dedicated concierge team, and none of the traditional drawbacks,” says Alessandra Testa, JetClub’s Chief Commercial Officer.

JetClub operates across mainland Europe via a Maltese AOC. In the UK, JetClub has its base at Stansted Airport.


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