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caferoyalCarve out your place in history with Membership of The Club at Café Royal 

In the last issue, we wrote about the Café Royal hotel making its long-awaited return to the capital after a four-year overhaul. The news doesn’t end there – the building is also now home to The Club at the Café Royal.

London’s leading figures have graced the Café Royal for a century and a half, playing a pivotal role in the capital’s rich cultural history. The Club at Café Royal is the latest landmark in its enduring tradition. Once again the Regent Street venue has become a crucible for writers, artists, poets, musicians, free thinkers, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, aristocracy and athletes carving out their place in time.

Members are actively encouraged to pursue their vocations at The Club and use the premises as a salubrious headquarters in the heart of the West End. Occupying the Café Royal hotel’s first floor, ‘The Club’, as Café Royal itself was breezily monickered by its Victorian regulars, offers a variety of entertainment and dining spaces. Bringing Soho, Mayfair and St James’s together, The Club at Café Royal possesses a unique personality. Its traditional values of luxury, discretion and inspiration continue, and resonating louder than ever in this new age.

The Library Bar offers classic cocktails as in its bohemian heyday. The Gallery serves lunch, while The Studio makes for the perfect lounge bar and also cultural event space, overlooking Regent Street itself. The Domino Room offers fine dining, offering sumptuous Modern British dishes from Kentish lamb tagliatelle to rum baba. The spectacular Oscar Wilde Bar – formerly the legendary Grill Room and home to some of the Café Royal’s most famous moments – will be available to Club members.

The Club is open to members from 7am until late, for breakfast, lunch, tea, cocktails, dinner and drinks. A curated programme of events ranges from boutique opera, cutting-edge musical performances, and immersive theatre, to controversial debate and inspiring lectures, stimulating members’ and their guests’ minds, and spurring keen imaginations on to even greater achievements.

Membership applications will be put to The Club’s committee; all who are proposed and seconded will be considered. The Café Royal’s distinguished regulars have included a list as diverse as artist Aubrey Beardsley, actress Elizabeth Taylor, singer David Bowie and the Earl of Lonsdale. The Club at Café Royal now invites you to join their legacy.



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