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Gung Hay Fat Choy! Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London

Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London, has teamed up with the television chef and author Ching He Huang, to create a special Chinese New Year menu for the hotel’s TĪNG lounge, launching on Tuesday 24th January to welcome the Year of the Rooster.
The menu, which will run for the whole of the Chinese New Year period until Friday 3rd February, has been developed by Ching in co-operation with resident Executive Chef Gareth Bowen, and offers a selection of ‘Bamboo Baskets and Bowls’ based on traditional, lesser-known Chinese New Year dishes with the Ching’s signature healthy and modern twists.

Served throughout the day in the sleek, stylish, Asian-inspired TĪNG lounge on the 35th floor with its stunning panoramic views of London, Ching’s Chinese New Year menu gives the taste buds something to crow about. Dishes such as Salt & Pepper Crispy Wild Duck with Mandarin & Kumquat Dip, Crispy Vegetable Smoked Tofu Bean Curd Skin Spring Rolls, Grated Ginger in Black Rice Vinegar, and Moneybag Dumplings of Pork & Prawn with Scallop are just some of the dishes which underpin the important role foods plays at Chinese New Year, as they all represent luck and fortune.  With dishes  individually priced between £13 and £18, the selection also includes Broccoli Stem Dan Dan ‘Zha’ Mein with Braised Mushroom & Bamboo Shoots, Salt & Pepper Crispy Wild Duck, Mandarin & Kumquat dip, Grilled Maple Pineapple and Honey Roast Pork Char Sui with Plum, Picked Shallot & Dandelion ‘Spring’ Flowers.

With chicken for fortune, fish for prosperity, noodles for longevity, duck for fidelity, vegetables for cleanliness, wontons and seaweed for wealth, Ching’s Chinese New Year menu has all the essential ingredients for a successful year ahead.

‘Creating this special menu for TĪNG and working with chef Gareth Bowen has been a fantastic experience’ says Ching. ‘Guests dining at Ting will not only discover some unusual dishes not often seen on an Asian menu, but they will also enjoy the fresh, healthier taste of modern China’.

Ching’s menu, which runs alongside the main a-la-carte menu in TĪNG, is available througout the day from Tuesday 24th to Friday 3rd February. TĪNG lounge can be booked on 020 7234 8108 or email  ting.slln@shangri-la.com


Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London, 31 St Thomas Street, London SE1 9QU


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