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In Vino Veritas

Chief Executive of International Diplomatic Supplies Patrick Doyle offers his wine suggestions for the colder months

 The effects of climate change and the economic climate leave me reaching for a glass of wine. Whether to spend or save is the big question for our politicians in 2014.

To help you through the difficult days ahead I want to find some value for money for you while offering delicious wines to accompany the beef casseroles and tasty lamb dishes we like to eat in the colder months.

Chile always offers wonderful fruit and flavour without having to spend a fortune. Viňa Morandé Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 from the Maipo Valley is a perfect example of this. It is only £6.60 per bottle from IDS. The wine has intense, deep red colour, aromas of berries and blackcurrant liqueur followed by full-bodied fruitiness and a long velvety finish.

In Italy, among the rolling Tuscan Hills near Siena, they produce a wine called Vernaccia di San Gimignano. An example of this wine is from the François family at The Castello di Querceto: it is medium bodied with scents of almonds. It is a dry and elegant wine, a perfect accompaniment to shellfish dishes and fish stew. This is a worthy value for money wine at only £5.10 per bottle.

I must be feeling those green shoots of recovery as I am torn between two great wines from the lesser-known Emporda region of Spain. Castillo Perelada 3 Fincas at £5.45, aged for 12 months in Bordeaux oak barrels. On the nose there is a predominance of red fruit and spices, these flavours blend beautifully with the oak ageing. Fresh and round in the mouth with fine tannins. Or do we spend just a little more and open a bottle of the Castillo Perelada 5 Fincas Reserva? OK, it is £9.35. But the blend of Garnatxa, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, 21 months in oak barrels, the aromas of ripe fruit and balsamic and the fine, round tannins are too much to resist.



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